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Polysleeve labels with their unbreakable seals, will stand up to liquids, shipping and other adverse conditions, far better than paper.

Ease of Application

Sleeve labels can be applied manually or with automatic machinery.


Sparkling, eye catching, colorful sleeve labels add BUY ME power to your product.


Sleeve labels can be simple generic labels for industrial use or highly decorative labels, printed up to six colors, for mass merchandisers and high impact selling.

Total Decoration

Only with a sleeve label can you decorate every panel of your bottle, whether it is round, square, or a rectangle.

Environmentally Friendly

Sleeve labels are recyclable and adhere to the container without the use of glues the may be harmful or toxic.

Easy Storage

Sleeve labels are compact and take up much less of you inventory dollars than decorated bottles.


Sleeve labels, because of their diversity, are the most efficient and cost effective way to attractively decorate your container.

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